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Wooooow, that was the worst thing EVER

Posted on 2009.05.21 at 18:06
Having to call Ivy about me not being able to be in sacramento this week and her answering the phone saying...."Are you here!"

No Ivy. I'm not.
I've been hanging out with High Schoolers and wandering around town, without you.




but yeah, I'm really diggin hanging out with Amber and creating inside jokes....like:
What if you woke up..and you were a bird.

I like being stupid sometimes.
Go college!

Time to watch a movie. or something.


I love college ;D

Posted on 2009.05.19 at 21:14
So...funny story.
but you don't get the story.
Just the punchline XD

I love college (Heey!)
I love drinking (Heeey!)
I love women (...hee-ey?)
I love college (Hey!!)

Oh to be in sacramento...

See you guys in September :(


Wow, sucks.

Posted on 2009.05.19 at 21:10
So yeah. I guess no sacramento for me.
what a bummer.

today I was so depressed. I basically got out of bed at two
then ate a little
then went back and layed in bed by like four or five for awhile
then I had to drive my mom to the store with no shower
that was bothersome
then I come back shower, eat.
Now I'm just sitting around.
If I had a car life would be so much better.
I would just drive away and even if I'm by myself I wouldn't care.
I hate being in this house.
I hate letting friends down.
but I guess its out of my hands.



uh oh

Posted on 2009.05.18 at 01:00
biting nails

not good.

God I hate everything right now

just another one of those nights

I wish there was someone who could at least semi relate with me so I could talk to them

but I guess you can't always win



Posted on 2009.05.16 at 11:48
I think I sprained my ankle.

and just walked a buttload in the heat, basically thinking I was going to die.



Plus I don't know how I'm going to get to sacramento....
I have to wait for my sister to get up to ask her

I should get a cane like House....

Two nights in a row of wandering the brooks area.
We're cool.

Yet another crazy dream last night....hahah

Time to take a nap or something haha



Ok. List time

Posted on 2009.05.15 at 19:50

-Get to Sacramento in the next week

-Pay off Spring fees

-Get license

I just had a bunch of stuff I wanted to put down here, but I can't remember now!

I guess I will get back to you.

Its nights like this that make me so incredibly happy to be alive.

Some of the stuff that happened today was a little sketch, and I feel like a horrible person but mostly it was amazing.

maybe I should just shut my mouth from now on. Once I start I can't stop. haha
Sorry amber if I do things that are bad. I know they are stupid, but for some reason I'm in it and its hard to just ignore something like that, especially since what I've been through.
Learned some stuff, figured out some stuff, had a pretty good sandwich.
Today was overall an amazing day.
I have hope in my friends. Great hope.
Now hopefully I can finish it off with some Sacramento time.
If I can even get out of bed tomorrow haha

Oh and I will make it to longs at some point in the next week :D



Niglet gonna die

Posted on 2009.05.11 at 01:51
There will be no god once their identity is unmasked.
There is nothing that can help them against us.
They can try to fight it, but will only end up in more pain.
This is karma.
but this is not over.


Yeah, ok.

Posted on 2009.05.10 at 00:15
Major in Interior Design with a concentration in Architecture


Minor in Art Studio

Works for me.



Posted on 2009.05.10 at 00:03
I want it to be Monday already

I want there to be money from my father waiting to be sent to Sacramento

I want it to be June 15th

I want it to be August 7th

I want my friends back

I want to go to a rave

I want new shoes

I want new clothes

I want to go to the park more

I want to move in to my first apartment

I want my license

I want a car

I want Cary to not be gay so we can get married
(hahah had to of been there today for the convo)

I want things to move along faster

I want money in my account

I want I want I want.

Doesn't it just sound greedy when you don't explain why you want something. There is no fine line between need and want. There is nothing to be confused about. I want new clothes because the ones I have now remind me of a time when I hated myself. I want my license so I can feel a little more free. I want to go to a rave because when I'm there, I feel loved.

I want many things. This is part of being human. I don't understand how you can't be a little greedy in this world. I'm ok with that. I understand that there are things I do not need, but rather want. I don't need my license. I don't need the money. I don't need it to be a future date, I can wait. But wanting these things is all I have to keep me sane. Knowing that some day I will get the things I want is what keeps me alive. It gives me hope being greedy. If I didn't want anything, what would be the point in living?

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